Andy's Poem

Building A New Life


A poem depicting what it really takes to be loved, personified through a child's play.


Shot in Atlanta, GA

When a great musician is down on his luck, he decides that he must take his passion to the street and share it with the world.


Shot in Atlanta, GA


Nominated for best Documentary at the Georgia State University Film Festival.

What does it mean to "grow  up"? Is it getting a "real" job? Is it a complete life changing experience? or is it a forever evolving goal?


Shot in Atlanta, GA  and

Leadville, CO


Nominated for Best Documentary at the Georgia State University Film Festival.

Joys of Parenting



A comedic look at the life of a young parent through a story involving love through even the strangest circumstances.


Shot In Atlanta, GA

Where does one get inspiration for their art?


A look back on a hard time inspires an Atlanta artist to take on a long running project.


Shot in Atlanta, GA

What is art? Where does in come from? Are we really original.


A short documentary exploring these questions, and shedding light on a touchy subject, Copying.


Shot in Atlanta and Savannah, GA

The Yard

A quick look into the joys of a child, playing in the back yard.


Shot in Atlanta, GA