Who Is Jacob Snowden


Jakes Love of film-making started at the age of 8, when he got his first camera. His enthusiasm continued as he got older, combining his love of action sports with his passion for filming. Jake attended Savannah Arts Academy during High School and got the chance to work with other artists in both film-making and beyond. Once in college at Georgia State University he continued making short films and started making documentaries exploring the questions of a young father. After graduation he landed his first job working with Engineerable, filming and experimenting leading to the creation of the Focus Shifter, a lens mounted follow focus with all the features of a traditional follow focus. Engineerable was an excellent place to develop his creativity beyond the classroom, and he continues to work with them to this day. Jake was eager to return to Colorado with his wife and son, and in 2012 became a Content Specialist for Woodward at Copper. While at Woodward he created video and photographic content that promoted both Woodward, and its Athletes.


Currently Jake is residing in Fort Collins, Colorado where he works as a freelance cinematographer, photographer, and producer.